Questionable Content #490 - detailPintSize is an IRC bot and WordPress plugin for voting on what’s playing on RynoTheBearded’s OO Radio.

The source code is available on GitHub.

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2017-12-13 18:37:25 UTC: No Monster Club - Boyhood Deed #10 (Birthdays In Paris - Christmas Version)
2017-12-13 18:35:33 UTC: The Record - Boozehound Blues
2017-12-13 18:33:01 UTC: Nicholas Burgess - Elsa Sargent Singer
2017-12-13 18:29:27 UTC: Molly Lewis - MyHope
2017-12-13 18:24:43 UTC: MISSISSIPPI ALLIGATORS - Tu Chochito (Que rico)

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